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— September 15, 2020

The Great Forms Rewrite

This webinar will discuss the conditions that have created The Great Forms Rewrite. We will discuss key issues to think about and consider, including regulatory challenges that may impede your forms rewrite project. We will then present a framework for how to approach a forms rewrite project, particularly if you have an impending deadline and limited resources.

— July 21, 2020

COVIDigation Trends

Lawsuits against insurance companies stemming from COVID-19 business shutdowns are piling up. Meanwhile, COVID-19 illnesses continue to rise throughout the United States. Relying on economic analysis from academia, this webinar will evaluate where and why lawsuits are occurring and what this means for the future.

— June 16, 2020

E&O in the age of COVID

In this webinar we review potential Errors & Omissions ramifications for brokers and agents coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chris Cheatham is joined by E&O experts to discuss where lawsuits may arise, what they may look like, and how you can avoid them. We will also share analysis of duty of care and how it may shift in response to a “black swan.”

— May 5, 2020

The Silent Cyber Playbook: How Guy Carpenter and RiskGenius are taking on Silent Cyber

Through a collaboration, Guy Carpenter and RiskGenius have joined forces to take on the Silent Cyber Threat. Assessing and measuring this industry-wide challenge is a critical necessity for insurers today. By combining Guy Carpenter’s cyber actuarial prowess, and the RiskGenius policy analysis software, insurance companies can better understand their true Silent Cyber exposure. In this webinar, we will lay out how the work is done and why it’s so important.

— April 21, 2020

April COVID Insurance Coverage Updates

COVID insurance coverage issues are evolving quickly. During this webinar we will update our March session; this session will include the latest legal and regulatory developments that attempt to trigger COVID coverage in commercial property policies. We will also highlight COVID litigation bringing casualty policies into the spotlight.

— March 24, 2020

Coronavirus: How to Evaluate Your Strength of Wordings

Insurance carriers and brokers should immediately start evaluating liability created by the Coronavirus, create a process to triage Coronavirus claims, and determine renewal appetite for risk arising out of Coronavirus may fall victim to the virus. This analysis starts with an evaluation of your Strength of Wordings. Do you have coverage or lack exclusions that may create unintended liability from the Coronavirus outbreak? This webinar will help you answer that question for each major product line.

— February 18, 2020

Something Weird is Happening in Commercial Insurance

What the heck is social inflation? Is it real? And how does it relate to the hardening market (last month’s topic)?

— January 14, 2020

Implications of a Hardening Market

As this marketplace continues to harden, brokers can no longer rely on keeping business with the same insurance companies representing the same capacity, renewal after renewal. Insurance carriers are reducing capacity and restricting coverage to achieve profitability. Marketing efforts are not an option for brokers anymore, but in most cases a requirement. What implications does this shift in the insurance marketplace have on policy checking? Funny you should ask because we’d like to tell you.

— November 21, 2019

The State of Technology Assisted Review of Policies

Policy checking is tedious and time consuming for brokers and underwriters (i.e it sucks). But, promises of automation are overstated and it’s generally being done the same old way. Taking a cue from the legal industry, Technology-Assisted Review of Policies (TARP) promises to augment insurance professionals much like lawyers have been empowered with legal review technology.

Video Media

— October 16, 2020

GIF Insurance: InsurTech, Digital Transformation and Interconnection


— June 1, 2020

AM BestTV: RiskGenius CEO

While most commercial property policies include a virus exclusion, most casualty policies do not, said Chris Cheatham, CEO of RiskGenius (June 1, 2020).

— October 4, 2018

Words That Bind: Turning Insurance Documents Into Data, Tools

Chris Cheatham, chief executive officer of RiskGenius, and Ted Stuckey, managing director at QBE Ventures, explain how they’re converting thousands of insurance documents into a searchable resource.

— April 6, 2018

KodiakGenius #1: Machine Learning and Insurance

CEO Chris Cheatham and guest host Allan Egbert (Founder – Ask Kodiak) have a fireside chat…

— October 20, 2017

Chris Cheatham – CEO of RiskGenius

Chris Cheatham talks about the RiskGenius mission.

— June 17, 2017

2017 Global Insurance Symposium – Startup Stories: TED Talks

CEO Chris Cheatham joins a panel discussing what it takes to launch a successful startup. Hear from a number of startup companies who will share their journeys to success and offer their tips, tricks, and advice.

— March 29, 2017

The Digital Insurer Webinar: AI & Machine Learning

Join us for this webinar and listen to an experienced, global panel of insurance professionals present, discuss and answer your questions on the theme of “AI & Machine Learning.”

Podcasts & Audio

003: Smarter Startup Insurance with Chris Cheatham

Chris Cheatham, CEO of RiskGenius, stops by to chat about serendipity, how insurance carriers can evolve to better support startups, and Covidigation. BBQ was also discussed.

Episode 14: Chris Cheatham CEO of RiskGenius

Denise speaks with Chris Cheatham CEO of RiskGenius about the future of insurance – policy language, forms and transparency.

Ep 72 – RiskGenius Co-Founder & CEO Chris Cheatham

RiskGenius leverages an Al-driven, SaaS-based solution made specifically for the insurance industry that lets them rapidly understand terms of coverage across a body of policy documents.

The Connected Insurance Podcast

Our guest Chris Cheatham is the co-founder & CEO of RiskGenius – a company that offers independent agencies an AI-based tool that takes the hard work out of finding the right policy for your customers.

B Atomic Airwaves

Chris Cheatham, CEO of Risk Genius, was “doing insurtech” before it was cool. Coming off the biggest insurtech event of the year, here is his take on how far insurtech has come….and how far it has to go.

The Agent’s Influence

In today’s episode of Agent’s Influence, host Jason Cass interviews Chris Cheatham, CEO of RiskGenius. The two explore the insurance industry and its challenges. Chris shares his background, experience, and motivation for creating RiskGenius.

Startup Hustle

Think artificial intelligence meets insurance policies. On this Episode of Startup Hustle Matt and Matt are joined by Chris Cheatham, CEO of RiskGenius which was named as one of Startland News’ Top Startups To Watch this year. RiskGenius is a pioneer in its ability to analyze and organize the overwhelmingly infinite amount of content within insurance policies. Listen in as we offer entrepreneurs a view into this young founder’s story and the pivot he made that led to RiskGenius.

Spot On Insurance EP 85

Today on episode 85, Chris Cheatham has joined us on the podcast to discuss how RiskGenius began, what the issues are that it provides solutions to, and ways in which technology is benefiting the insurance industry.

The Insurance Innovators Unscripted EP 07

On this episode of the Insurance Innovators Unscripted Podcast, I speak with Chris Cheatham, Chief Executive Officer of RiskGenius, a company that applies artificial intelligence to insurance policies to better understand policy language and create efficient underwriting workflows.

Innovator’s Edge Podcast

Innovator’s Edge’s Wayne Allen interviews Chris Cheatham, Founder and CEO of RiskGenius

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