COVID Coverage Checklists

Evaluate COVID Coverage Exposure Now

“We have virus or communicable disease exclusions in all of our property policies, so we have negligible exposure to COVID-19.”

Unfortunately, insurers can’t rely on these exclusions to protect them from the historic losses that could arise from the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s potential legislation that could nullify these exclusions, court decisions that interpret policy language in a new manner, or casualty policies that create unexpected liability, carriers need to understand their entire portfolio in order to truly understand their potential COVID-19 exposure.

RiskGenius Can Help

As part of our emerging risk product suite, RiskGenius enables carriers to calculate their exposure to COVID-19 by analyzing their policy language at scale and viewing results both at a portfolio level and at an individual-policy level.

We have created industry-leading checklists for identifying Silent COVID exposure in property, GL, and D&O, as well as other lines of business. These checklists, which cover 50+ possible exposure areas, are built into RiskGenius and allow it to identify and extract all of the relevant clauses from every policy throughout your entire portfolio. We can then export the results into a single table in Excel, where you can perform any analysis you need (whether for internal or regulatory purposes).

Want a peek at the Silent COVID checklists that are inside of RiskGenius? Download our complimentary PDF version here.

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