Emerging Risk Discovery for Carriers

The Problem We Are Facing 

As business grows more complex, carriers need to understand the scope and impact of new risks across their portfolio. Whether it’s opioids, sexual molestation, silent cyber, or any other unforeseen risk that arises in the future. Underwriters need assistance to analyze their portfolio of policies – endorsement-by-endorsement and line-by-line – for each emerging risk in a way that is both precise and efficient. Unfortunately, policies are also growing more complex and voluminous, making comprehensive manual review unrealistic and error-prone.

How To Tackle It

That’s where RiskGenius comes in. For the first time, insurance providers have the ability to evaluate an entire portfolio of insurance policies for an emerging risk in hours, not months. And not by sampling some documents and then extrapolating risk—but by substantively analyzing them in order to gain a precise understanding of your exposure. RiskGenius allows you to skip the grunt work and focus on high-level, value-added analysis.

RiskGenius Benefits:

    • Intelligent, AI-guided portfolio review saves time and money while also increasing the fidelity of results
    • Customizable, rule-based reviews ensure that key terms and conditions are identified and analyzed/li>
    • Results exported into a simple, easy to read report that identifies data relevant to an exposure (importantly, both when this relevant information is found within a policy and when it is not).

Key Features:

  • AI-based, intelligent content categorization
  • Automated risk discovery across an entire portfolio
  • Comprehensive reporting, including target terms and conditions

Turn emerging risk discovery from a guessing game into a precise calculation.