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We’ve put together a database of complimentary webinars, checklists, and other resources to help you understand RiskGenius and how we are taking on COVID coverage analysis.


Download COVID Coverage Checklists

In order to aid insurance professionals, RiskGenius will be releasing iterative COVID Coverage Checklists to assist in the industry-wide analysis of commercial insurance policies. These are the same Checklists that are embedded in the RiskGenius software application in order to run automated policy checks.

RiskGenius Emergency Order Map

We’ve designed a map which, using color coded states, indicates the aggregated risk level in that state for insurers based on city, county, and state proclamations and proposed legislation.

Case Study

RiskGenius and Covid-19 Coverage

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Sink or Swim: A Mid-Term View of Virus Impact

“The cyber market was already hardening, so standalone policy limits were dropping as ransomware
attacks and other cyber events were a concern,” said Chris [Cheatham]. “It seems like those types of
ransomware attacks are only going to increase….everyone working at home only exacerbates the
potential for cyberattacks.


Business Interruption Claimants Like How Some Localities Worded Emergency Order

Please keep in mind that I am not declaring any particular language will or will not result in a valid claim
or successful litigation,” Cheatham wrote in his blog. “I am pointing out government language that I
believe will be used (and is already being used) by attorneys to support claims and litigation for COVID-
19 business interruptions.

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