COVID-19 Resource Center

We’ve put together a database of complimentary webinars, checklists, and other resources to help you understand RiskGenius and how we are taking on COVID coverage analysis.


Download COVID Coverage Checklists

In order to aid insurance professionals, RiskGenius will be releasing iterative COVID Coverage Checklists to assist in the industry-wide analysis of commercial insurance policies. These are the same Checklists that are embedded in the RiskGenius software application in order to run automated policy checks.

RiskGenius Emergency Order Map

We’ve designed a map which, using color coded states, indicates the aggregated risk level in that state for insurers based on city, county, and state proclamations and proposed legislation.

Case Study

RiskGenius and Covid-19 Coverage

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Uncertainty Outbreak

Everyone from world leaders to ordinary people struggled with that question as the coronavirus pandemic spread rapidly around the world.…

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