RiskGenius for Carriers

From understanding what’s in a single policy to figuring out what’s in a portfolio of them, RiskGenius can help.

Knowing is half the battle.

Let’s be honest. You don’t know everything that’s in your commercial insurance policies. And, it’s costing you.  Whether it’s your own policies or your competitors’, simply understanding what is being covered, and if that cover is suitable for your business is the number one goal.

But, figuring that out? Grab a stack of documents, a highlighter, a pot of coffee and your rabbit’s foot. Because you’re going to need a lot of concentration and even more luck.

When there’s a failure to accurately assess what is going on in a policy’s terms and conditions…

…You suffer from: 

  • Spotty internal standards
  • Product inconsistency
  • Increased risk to the business
  • Productivity churn
  • Old language that could use a refresh/extraneous language that needs to go

RiskGenius helps you: 

Review policies more intelligently.
People who are drawn to dealing in policy language are some of the smartest and most dedicated. But, the process of policy review—we knew there had to be a more intelligent way. So, we leveraged AI and a lot of other cool technologies to decrease manual overhead and increase your ability to do the thing you do best: make smart decisions.

Reduce your company’s risk.
What’s in your policies? We can help you know before you need to know. Insurance covers bad things that happen (duh). But what happens when something unexpected and bad happens? RiskGenius can help you proactively analyze your portfolio of insurance policies for any situation to determine liability and coverage exposure.

Here’s how RiskGenius helps.


Benchmark against internal standards.

Designate certain wordings as the standard against by which incoming policies are reviewed, based on criteria that you set. Then ensure these standards are followed within your organization by setting up an intelligent, AI-driven checklist that covers relevant causes of loss or other key items within a policy.

Each and every time a compliance check is completed, you can rest easy that critical errors aren’t being made.

Intelligent Checklists

Comprehension across the competitive landscape.

Historically, competitive review takes a long time and for all the wrong reasons. Not because you’re spending the bulk of your time understanding the various strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. The bigger lift is time spent finding all the different references to a ‘cause of loss’ within a stack of policies, combining them into a hefty spreadsheet, then starting the real work of understanding the cover.

Not anymore. Using our intelligent checklists, you can review 2 or 10—or even more—competitors’ policies side-by-side, simultaneously.

Emerging Risks

Emerging risks reduced, real fast.

Once an emerging risk has been identified (related to climate change, cyber threat, financial, what-have-you), the next step is to understand its impact on the products you have in market.

RiskGenius leverages insurance-specific algorithms and trains them against your specific language in order to comprehensively assess what’s going on across an entire portfolio.

RiskGenius increases the quality and speed of coverage delivery so that you can earn more – and do better – business.