RiskGenius for Brokers

From checking policies to reviewing coverage details, RiskGenius helps reduce errors and increase consistency across policy documents.

The Reality of Policy Checking 

Reviewing a commercial insurance policy is no fun. It’s an arduous process that usually means printing off reams of insurance documents and hunkering down with a pencil and highlighter. It means handwriting notes in the margins of policies, and then typing out those notes for documentation or collaboration purposes.

Or, maybe you’ve outsourced the process. That means slow turnaround times, rigidly defined checklist parameters, inaccurately identified issues—and, ultimately, rework that falls on you.

At best, it’s an auditor’s worst nightmare. At worst, the reviews don’t happen at all.

Do you know what’s in your policies?

If you don’t, it’s going to keep impacting your organization in some pretty nasty ways:

Without RiskGenius:

  • Increased errors and omissions
  • Overlooked cover and cost recoveries for your clients
  • Productivity losses for highly specialized knowledge workers
  • Slow turnaround times in a competitive space that impair your ability to win business

With RiskGenius:

Identify errors and inconsistencies faster.
How long does it take you to simply verify that the correct forms are contained within a policy? Fifteen minutes? Twenty? With RiskGenius, find and verify key elements of a policy with a single click of a mouse. 

And more accurately.
Here’s the deal. When you’re under time pressure to get something done that is highly manual, it’s easy to skip a step or miss a key detail. Because RiskGenius guides you through each critical element of a policy seamlessly, you can achieve effortless consistency of cover across disparate documents. 

Here’s how RiskGenius can help.

Intelligent Checklists

Super-charge the process with our Intelligent Checklists.

You know what needs to be verified in a policy; RiskGenius takes you there. Our intelligent checklists find just what you’re looking for, reducing the overhead and zeroing in on what matters. You can do this in one document or across many simultaneously, including quotes, binders or policies.

Identify & Flag

Issues? Inconsistencies? See. Flag. Eradicate.

RiskGenius identifies differences quickly and accurately, so they’re discernible at a glance. And when you find something worth following up on? Flag the items worth noting, and ignore the rest.

Collaborate With Team Members

Enjoy clear communications … finally.

Spreadsheets, policies, emails—today collaboration on policy checks occurs across a wide array of modalities. It doesn’t have to. Comment on issues within the context of the policies you’re reviewing. Then export out your final review—along with a detailed map of where the issues can be found—so they can be fixed and forgotten. Forever.*

*Okay, maybe not forever. But at least until the next renewal.

Audit Clarity

Follow the audit trail.

We make it darn easy to see who spotted what issues, and when. Or didn’t. (Ouch, that’s embarrassing). And you see it all in the context of the original document(s). So you can quickly figure out where you have gaps and close them.

RiskGenius increases the quality and speed of coverage delivery so you can work smarter and earn more business.