About RiskGenius

We believe in connecting insurance professionals to digital knowledge.

Let’s be honest.

There are a lot of insurance processes that don’t make sense in today’s connected, digital world. The RiskGenius team is working to fix these processes by supporting insurance professionals with automation. By applying machine learning to insurance policies, we can streamline the work of underwriters, brokers and everyone in between. The result is insurance professionals can do more meaningful work for satisfied customers.

We always listen.

We’ve created insurance specific algorithms. But we need to understand how to deploy our algorithms to improve your insurance processes. So we listen. We listen intently for pain points and processes that can be augmented by automated solutions. Then we design, develop and deploy our solutions to get them in the field and begin testing.

We believe in insurance.

Fundamentally, we believe that the world works better because of insurance. But we have a bigger vision for insurance in an interconnected world. As sensors and devices track the movements of everything, the underlying insurance policies and the processes that support them will have to be nimble and flexible. As risk becomes better understood by complex engineering, policy wording will become more nuanced and important. RiskGenius is the policy technology to support this connected, complex world.

It all started with a simple idea.

RiskGenius didn’t start as a machine learning solution for underwriting policies. RiskGenius started as a claim solution created by two frustrated insurance attorneys and two technologists crazy enough to listen to them.

The Learning Phase

Prior to 2011, co-founders Chris Cheatham and Doug Reiser were insurance attorneys. Chris worked for surety companies preparing and defending against bond claims. Doug represented construction firms and often litigated insurance claims. Both learned first hand how to parse insurance and surety bond policies on behalf of clients. Most importantly, both learned to despise messy insurance documents.

The Launch Phase

In 2012, Chris and Doug set out to improve claim documents. The two created ClaimKit, a software and services offering to collect, organize and deliver claim documents to attorneys, consultants, accountants and claim handlers. Through this process, Doug and Chris teamed up with Dan Burtchett to build document management software and Tyler Round to collect and process electronic data. Little did they know they were laying the groundwork for RiskGenius.

The Pivot Phase

While working a large claim in 2014, Chris was contacted by an underwriter wanting to access the ClaimKit software. After briefly reviewing documents, the underwriter called back to ask if the software could be used for policy analysis. The ClaimKit team began exploring what policy analysis entailed. In 2015, the team also worked on a pilot project to apply machine learning to a large library of insurance policies. The team eventually had the idea to connect the two — Policy Analysis software and Machine Learning — and RiskGenius was born.

The Delight Phase

The RiskGenius software product was launched in early 2016, after a year and a half of development and feedback from Beta users. We’re delighted with the response to the software and even more excited about future applications that our customers are envisioning.

Have questions about RiskGenius? We’re here to help.